Thursday, October 16, 2008

Final designs of the Jewelry designed.

My final jewelry is made using waste CDs, Cotton threads, wooden beads, jute thread, silver coloured aluminium foil and bangles( just as a base).
You can have a quick look at the stuff I made below:

All the major materials that I used in making the Jewelry.

A long neck piece

A key chain (design inspired from the traditional Indian
"chaabi jhumka").

A waist belt

Friday, September 5, 2008

Please upload pictures of work in progress

Dear Everyone,
On the 20th Sep ,will be the last class of studio class. We will complete the assessment on that day itself..please upload pictures of work in progress, so that it can be like a document of the course also.The VCD students will be going to the Design yatra,so most of you please finish all the work by next week.The assignments List:
  • The first quick assignment on a traditional jewelry and contemporary version
  • story board
  • Log book( pictures of jewelry/note and thoughts)
  • Explorations
  • Final pieces: 3 big pieces or 2 small and 1 big piece
There has to be a coordination as a collection inspired by the story board.
Any questions please ask.